Webinar: Changes to SEPs and Pre-Enrollment Verification

In this webinar presented on July 7, 2017, Shelby Gonzales, Senior Health Policy Analyst, and Halley Cloud, Heath Outreach Manager, discuss 2017 changes to special enrollment periods (SEPs) and provide a detailed explanation of the new pre-enrollment verification process for SEPs.

Presentation Slides

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Review of Special Enrollment Periods

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SEP overview


Changes to SEP Eligibility and Use

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Prior coverage requirement for marriage SEP

Restrictions on plan selection for current Marketplace enrollees (video section, slides)


SEP Pre-Enrollment Verification Process

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SEP verification issue (SVI)

  • SEPs subject to pre-enrollment verification

General process (video sectionslides)

  • Notices
  • Coverage effective dates once SVI is resolved

List of documents to resolve SVI (video sectionslides)

  • Loss of other coverage
  • Permanent move


Complex example

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SVI vs. data-matching issue vs. identity proofing





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