For Tax Preparers

For Tax Preparers

Tax Webinars
Tax Year 2017 ACA: What Tax Preparers Need to Know Webinar Series 

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Basic Certification Topic: Exemptions

Monday, November 20, 2017

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Advanced Certification Topic: Premium Tax Credits 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Tax Year 2016 Webinar Series

View TY2016 series 

  • Basic Certification Topic: Exemptions
  • Advanced Certification Topic: Premium Tax Credits
  • Refresher: Affordability Exemption

Tax Year 2015 Webinar Series

View TY2015 series 

  • Part I: Basic Certification Topics: Minimum Essential Coverage, Exemptions & the Shared Responsibility Payment
  • Part II: Advanced Certification Topic: Premium Tax Credits and Reconciliation
  • Part III: Comprehensive Examples & Wrap Up
  • Part IV: Talking Through the Affordability Exemption


Resources for Tax Preparers
Tax Year 2016 Resources

Affordability Exemption Primer | View resource


ACA Exemptions Related to Income Tool | Download tool


TaxSlayer Tips and Tricks: Avoid Unnecessary APTC Repayment | View resource



Tax Year 2015 Resources

Tax Preparer’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act | View guide


ACA Examples for VITA/TCE Volunteers | View resource


The following resources were incorporated into IRS Publication 4012. For updated information, please see IRS Publication 4012, Tab ACA: Affordable Care Act.


Premium Tax Credits Tips and Tricks | View resource


TaxWise ACA Worksheet Quick Guide | View resource


Affordable Care Act Survival Kit | View tool (Developed for TY2014)


Other Resources

VITA Programs and the Affordable Care Act | View resource

CBPP’s National Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Campaign |
Online resources include:

–  Trainings
–  Technical assistance and support
–  Connection to a network of outreach organizations
–  Tax Credit Outreach Kit