Plan Design and Selection

Plan Design and Selection

Key Facts

Key Facts: Cost-Sharing Charges | Key Facts

Key Facts: Cost-Sharing Reductions | Key Facts

Key Facts: Premium Payments and Grace Periods | Key Facts

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Plan Design

NEW Webinar: 2017 Coverage | Slide Deck PDF | Presented October 4, 2016

Part III of a four-part series on key elements of eligibility and enrollment 

Topics include:

  • Elements of plan design
  • Cost-sharing charges
  • Cost-sharing reductions
  • Evaluating qualified health plans
  • Comparing plan options

OE3 Webinars:
Assisting Consumers in Plan Comparison and Selection

Webinar: 2016 Coverage | Slide Deck PDF | Presented November 10, 2015

Topics include:

  • Overview of Marketplace health plan design
  • New tools on
  • Assisting consumers compare and select plans based on consumer priorities, plan design and plan costs (a web-browsing demonstration)

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Additional Resources

Marketplace Plan Comparison Worksheet | Worksheet
A tool for assisters to help consumers evaluate plan options

Feature Slide: Essential Health Benefits | Feature slide
Downloadable presentation slide on the 10 “essential health benefits” all qualified health plans must provide

Frequently Asked Questions: Question of the Day | FAQs
Collection of FAQs on many of the common issues encountered since the implementation of health reform