Refresher: Affordability Exemption

VITA/TCE ACA Tax Training Webinar

In this recording-only webinar, presented on March 1, 2017, Tara Straw, Senior Health Policy Analyst, reviews the affordability exemption and walks through several examples of how to calculate whether a person is eligible for the affordability exemption using TaxSlayer and a new CBPP-developed ACA Exemptions Related to Income tool.

This recording is part of this year’s series of “ACA: What Tax Preparers Need to Know” that explains what volunteer tax preparers, outreach partners and others need to know about the Affordable Care Act to complete 2016 tax returns and to assist low-income tax clients.

Presentation Slides

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Watch the Webinar

Refresher: Affordability Exemption (Code A)

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  • How to calculate if someone is eligible for Code A
  • TaxSlayer
  • Marketplace affordability worksheet


CBPP ACA Exemptions Related to Income Tool

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  • How to use the tool


Example: Single Taxpayer with No Dependents

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  • Scenario 1: Offer of employer coverage
  • Scenario 2: No offer of employer coverage
  • Scenario 3: Eligible for Medicaid but not enrolled


Example: Multi-Generational Family

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  • Scenario: One family member uninsured


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