ACA: What Tax Preparers Need to Know Webinar Series

Tax Year 2016


This webinar series for volunteer tax preparers, outreach partners and others explains what tax preparers need to know about the Affordable Care Act to complete 2016 tax returns and to assist low-income tax clients. It is intended for volunteers who are ready to quickly ramp up quickly to expert-level content.

Basic Certification Topic: Exemptions

Presented November 16, 2016 

This webinar explains how to claim an exemption from the requirement to maintain health coverage, paying special attention to the exemption based on offers of unaffordable coverage.

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Advance Certification Topic: Premium Tax Credits

Presented November 9, 2016 

This webinar explains how to reconcile the premium tax credit, which provides significant financial assistance to low- and moderate-income families who purchased coverage in the Marketplace.

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Refresher: Affordability Exemption

Recorded March 1, 2017

This recording-only webinar reviews the affordability exemption and walks through several examples of how to calculate whether a person is eligible for the affordability exemption using TaxSlayer and a new CBPP-developed affordability exemption tool.

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