OE8 Webinar: Part IX Helping People with Disabilities

Best Practices When Helping People with Disabilities Enroll in Health Coverage

In this Health Reform: Beyond the Basics webinar presented on October 22, 2020, in partnership with the American Association on Health and Disability, Karl Cooper, Director of Public Health Programs at AAHD, addresses disability etiquette and basic accessibility considerations for anyone doing enrollment work. Karl also provides an overview of questions a person with a disability needs to think about when considering their health care options in the marketplace.

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Health Disparities

  • AAHD mission
  • Health disparities among people with disabilities
  • Social determinants

Disability Etiquette

  • General best practices
  • Best practices for helping people with specific disabilities, including: mobility, low vision/blind, hard of hearing/deaf, cognitive/intellectual, speech/language disorders, mental/behavioral health disorders


  • Accessibility and accommodations to keep in mind
  • Accessibility for virtual enrollment assistance

What the Affordable Care Act Means for People with Disabilities

National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative

  • Partners
  • Mission
  • Website
  • Resources

Questions to Ask When Helping People with Disabilities Select a Plan

Questions to Ask to Determine Whether Your Program is Accessible to People with Disabilities

Additional Resources

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