Part IV: Individual Shared Responsibility Payment and Comprehensive ACA Examples

In this webinar, Tara Straw, Senior Health Policy Analyst at CBPP, discusses the individual shared responsibility payment (or the “penalty”), walks through some comprehensive examples using TaxWise Online, and answers some of your questions. 

This is the fourth session in a new webinar series titled “ACA: Everything You Need to Know.” The series is designed to help VITA sites and outreach partners prepare for the tax season.

Presentation Slides

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Review: Steps in the Tax Return Related to the ACA

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Individual Shared Responsibility Payment (ISRP)

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What is the individual shared responsibility payment?

How is the ISRP calculated? (slides, video)

–  Partial year coverage

–  Example: Filing single

–  Example: Married filing jointly

ISRP in TaxWise (slides, video)

Exemptions Update

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Code G exemption: individuals in states that did not expand Medicaid

Putting It All Together

Example 1 (slides, video)

Example 2 (slides, video)


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