Webinar: Preparing for 2018: Overview of Changes in the Marketplace

In this webinar presented on July 6, 2017, Sarah Lueck, Senior Health Policy Analyst, and Judy Solomon, Vice President for Health Policy, provide an overview of policy changes in the Marketplace that will take effect in 2017 and 2018, and answer some common questions about the upcoming enrollment year.

Presentation Slides

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Latest Changes in the Marketplace

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Shorter open enrollment period

Collection of past premium debt

Overview of changes to special enrollment periods


Questions and Uncertainty Going Into 2018

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Efforts to repeal the ACA (video section, slides)

Individual mandate enforcement uncertainty (video sectionslides)

Volatility in the Marketplace (video sectionslides)

  • Cost-sharing reductions uncertainty

Rate increases in 2018 (video sectionslides)

Lifting the repayment caps on APTC (video sectionslides)

Limited or bare markets (video sectionslides)




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