Webinar: Federally-Facilitated Marketplace Renewal Process for 2016 Coverage

In this Health Reform: Beyond the Basics presentation, January Angeles, Senior Health Policy Analyst, describes the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) process for renewing coverage and premium tax credits for 2016 coverage. It details how premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions will be redetermined for people who do not return to the Marketplace to provide updated information.

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Overview of Open Enrollment

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Reasons to return to the Marketplace for 2016 coverage

FFM auto-enrollment vs. auto-renewal/redetermination (video section, slides)

2016 open enrollment timeline (video section, slides)

Notices consumers will receive before open enrollment begins (video section, slides)


Auto-Enrollment into Plans in the FFM

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What happens when a consumer’s plan is discontinued?

Rare situations to look out for (video section, slides)


Auto-Renewal of APTCs in the FFM

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FFM renewal process for 2015 coverage vs 2016 coverage


APTC auto-renewal process (video section, slides)


Tips for Assisters (video section, slides)


Listen to Q&A from webinar presented on October 6, 2015: 


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