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Tools and Resources

Reference Guide: Medicaid Household Rules | Reference Guide
Outlines the household rules for Medicaid eligibility based on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) rules


Marketplace Plan Comparison Worksheet | Worksheet
A tool for assisters to help consumers evaluate plan options


Reference Guide: Yearly Guidelines and Thresholds | Reference Guide
Resource guide that lists all the indexed guidelines and thresholds that change each enrollment year


Health Assister’s Guide to Tax Rules | Guide
Explains the basic tax rules that are applied in determining eligibility for the premium tax credit and Medicaid


Reference Guide: Documents Used to Verify Immigration Status | Reference Guide
Walks through examples of the different immigration document types that can be used in Healthcare. gov to verify immigration status and notes where different document numbers are located


Reference Chart: Minimum Essential Coverage | Reference Chart
Reference tool that lists whether various types of coverage are considered MEC, and whether eligibility for that coverage makes an individual ineligible for the premium tax credit


Reference Chart: Special Enrollment Periods | Reference Chart
A guide to special enrollment period triggers and timing


Fact Sheet: Marketplace Appeals | Fact Sheet
Developed by the National Health Law Program
Lays out the grounds for appeals and explains where individuals should go for assistance


Tips: Addressing Immigrant Families’ Concerns When Applying for Health Coverage Programs | Resource 
Developed by the National Immigration Law Center
Includes suggestions on how to address concerns when talking to families, information on protections for household members not applying for coverage, and lists additional resources


Reference Guide: Tax Filing Status and Dependent Rules | Reference Guide
Explains the basic tax rules around determining tax dependents and tax filing statuses


Tips: Incorporating Volunteers into Outreach and Enrollment Work | Resource
Developed in partnership with the National Association of Health Access Assisters
Outlines how enrollment assister organizations can utilize volunteers to help spread the word and ensure people enroll in coverage to make the most of open enrollment


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs
Provide answers to many of the common questions that arise when helping consumers apply for and enroll in health coverage


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Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator | Calculator | Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

Provides estimates of health insurance premiums and subsidies for people purchasing marketplace coverage

Other Resources

Navigator Resource Guide | Guide | Center on Health Insurance Reforms (CHIR)

Consumer Assistance Resources for American Indians and Alaska Natives | Resources | Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS)

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