CBPP Webinar: Beyond the Basics of Premium Tax Credits

In the first in the “Beyond the Basics” series of webinars titled “Beyond the Basics of Premium Tax Credits,” we discuss how premium tax credits are calculated, the factors that affect how much consumers who are eligible for credits will ultimately pay for coverage, and how the reconciliation between the tax credit amount a person receives and the amount for which he or she was eligible will be handled.

Watch the Webinar

Part I: Premium Tax Credit Basics (Watch here)

Presented by January Angeles, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    • What is a premium tax credit
    • Eligibility for a premium tax credit
    • Determining the amount of the premium tax credit
    • Watch Q&A

Part II: Factors Affecting Premium Tax Credit (Watch here)

Presented by Judy Solomon, Vice President for Health Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

    • Factors that affect the amount of the credit and how much consumers will pay
    • How to get premium tax credits
    • What happens when estimated income for the year is different from actual income for the year
    • Impact of changes during the year
    • Watch Q&A

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