CBPP Webinar: Commonly Encountered Eligibility and Enrollment Issues

In the thirteenth in the “Beyond the Basics” series of webinars titled “Diving Deep on Commonly Encountered Eligibility and Enrollment Issues,” we focus on three topics that have frequently arisen during open enrollment:

    • Coverage options for people who have the option of COBRA coverage;
    • Applying for health coverage for young adults and students; and
    • New functionality to report changes in circumstances and how the recalculation of premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions will work.
Watch the Webinar

PART I: COBRA Coverage Options (Watch here)

Presented by Sarah Lueck, Senior Health Policy Analyst

    • Can a person with access to COBRA be eligible for Marketplace subsidies? (watch here)

Scenario 1: Option to enroll in COBRA (watch here)

Scenario 2: Enrolled in COBRA during open enrollment (watch here)

Scenario 3: Enrolled in COBRA and open enrollment is over (watch here)

Scenario 4: Open enrollment is over and losing employer-based coverage (watch here)

PART II: Health Coverage for Young Adults and Students (Watch here)

Presented by January Angeles, Senior Health Policy Analyst

    • Dependents for the purpose of health coverage (watch here)
    • Dependents for the purpose of taxes (watch here)
    • Coverage choices for young adults and students (watch here)
    • Determining household size for Medicaid (watch here)
    • Eligibility process for out-of-state students (watch here)
    • Watch Q&A

PART II: Reporting Changes in Circumstances (Watch here)

Presented by Tara Straw, Senior Health Policy Analyst

    • New functionality to report a life change (watch here)

Changes in income (watch here)

Changes in filing status (watch here)

Changes in dependency (watch here)

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