Webinar: Plan Design

Key Elements of Eligibility and Enrollment

In this webinar presented on October 4, 2016, Sarah Lueck, Senior Health Policy Analyst, and Halley Cloud, Health Reform Outreach Associate, provide an overview of health plan design—including cost-sharing charges in marketplace plans, eligibility for cost-sharing reductions, and how cost sharing affect costs for consumers—and detail how to evaluate marketplace plans based on cost sharing and plan design.

This is Part III in a four-part series on key elements of eligibility and enrollment.

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Elements of Plan Design

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Premiums vs. cost-sharing charges (video section, slides)

Basic elements of plan design

Cost-sharing charges (video section, slides)

  • Types of cost-sharing charges
  • Maximum out-of-pocket (OOP) limit
  • Metal level plan tiers
  • Actuarial value
  • Example: How cost sharing works
  • Individual vs. family cost-sharing
  • In-network vs. out-of-network cost-sharing


Cost-Sharing Reductions

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Definition of cost-sharing reductions (CSR)

  • Comparing two insurers’ CSR variations
  • Zero cost-sharing plans for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN)


Evaluating Qualified Health Plans

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Summary of benefits and coverage (SBC)

  • Visit limits on covered services
  • Other covered services
  • Prescription drug formulary
  • Provider networks


Comparing Plan Options

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Scenario 1: General plan comparison (video section, slides)

Scenario 2: Managing chronic diseases (video section, slides)

Scenario 3: Comparing out-of-pocket costs (video section, slides)




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