Defining Income and Household Size

Defining Income and Household Size

Key Facts

Key Facts: Income Definitions for Marketplace and Medicaid Coverage | Key Facts

Key Facts: Determining Households for Medicaid and CHIP | Key Facts

Key Facts: Determining Households for Premium Tax Credits (PTCs) | Key Facts

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Determining Household Size and Income

Webinar: 2018 Coverage | Slide Deck PDF | Presented September 21, 2017

Part II of a four-part series on key elements of eligibility and enrollment 

Topics include:

  • Determining households for PTCs
  • Determining households for Medicaid
  • What counts as income for PTCs and Medicaid
  • Combining household and income rules to determine eligibility for coverage programs


OE4 Webinars:
Complex Eligibility Scenarios

Archived Webinar: 2017 Coverage | Slide Deck PDF | Presented November 10, 2016

Topics include:

  • Scenario 1: Affordability
  • Scenario 2: Noncustodial parents
  • Scenario 3: Increased household income
  • Scenario 4: Change in household size

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Additional Resources

Health Assister’s Guide to Tax Rules | Guide
A guide on the basic tax rules that are applied in determining eligibility for premium tax credits and Medicaid


Update: How the Tax Bill Affects MAGI in 2018 | Update
Update on minor changes to the calculation of MAGI in 2018 as a result of the December 2017 tax law

Frequently Asked Questions: Question of the Day | FAQs
Collection of FAQs on many of the common issues encountered since the implementation of health reform