SEP Reference Chart

A Guide to Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Triggers and Timing

Updated March 2018 

The Marketplace open enrollment period is the regular time each year when people can newly enroll in a qualified health plan or change to a different plan through the Marketplace. But certain events that occur during the year can trigger a special enrollment period (SEP), when a person may be able to newly enroll in a Marketplace plan or change to a different plan.

This SEP Reference Chart is a tool for those who are helping people enroll in health coverage through a special enrollment period. It focuses on the circumstances that trigger a SEP in the Marketplace, who can trigger a SEP, and the effective date of coverage once a health plan is selected.

Please Note: Changes that the Department of Health and Human Services proposed in special enrollment periods became effective on June 19, 2017. This updated chart reflects these changes. For information on additional changes, see Update on Changes to SEPs Effective June 19, 2017