Webinar OE6: Auto-Renewal Process for 2019

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In this Health Reform: Beyond the Basics webinar presented on September 27, 2018, Shelby Gonzales, Senior Policy Analyst, provides an explanation of the auto-renewal process for 2019 coverage and discusses both the process for plan auto-enrollment and redetermination of eligibility for the premium tax credit.

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Overview: Auto-Renewal Process and Notices

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Two-step auto-renewal process

Renewal notices

  • Marketplace open enrollment notices (MOEN)
  • Insurer notices
  • If insurer is no longer offering plans in the Marketplace


Redetermination of APTC

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Auto-renewal process for APTC

  • Eligible for redetermination of APTC
  • Not eligible for redetermination of APTC
  • Not eligible for auto-renewal (Medicare Anti-Duplication Provision) OR (member of an enrollment group has Medicare coverage)

APTC redetermination process for following coverage year


Auto-Enrollment for 2019 Plans

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Auto-enrollment process

  • Option 1: Auto-enrolled into current plan
  • Option 2: Auto-enrolled into new plan
  • Option 3: Auto-enrolled into new plan with new insurer

Canceling auto-enrollment for 2019

Special enrollment period: 2018 plan discontinued

Tips for assisters





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