CBPP Webinar: Navigating the Application Process for Families that Include Immigrants

In the twelfth in the “Beyond the Basics” series of webinars titled “Navigating the Application Process for Families that Include Immigrants,” we focus on eligibility factors and the application experience for households that include immigrants and present several scenarios that illustrate some of the complexities that arise when families that include immigrants apply for coverage.  This webinar was proudly presented in partnership with the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) and the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families (CCF).

The presenters are Jenny Rejeske, Health Policy Analyst at the National Immigration Law Center; Dinah Wiley, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Children and Families; and Shelby Gonzales, Senior Health Policy Analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Watch the Webinar

PART I: Eligibility Factors for Immigrants (Watch here)

    • Immigrant eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP (watch here)
    • Immigrant statuses that qualify for Marketplace coverage (watch here)

Please note that Temporary Permanent Status (TPS) has not been granted to Filipinos as of this time.

PART II: Scenario Examples (Watch here)

    • Eligibility based on citizenship / immigration status for premium tax credits and Medicaid
    • Scenario 1: Rashid, Miriam, Leila (watch here)*

Miriam – lawful permanent resident (LPR) for under 5 years

Rashid – citizen

Leila – citizen

*Please note that slide 17 has been updated to clarify that Miriam qualifies for premium tax credits because she is not eligible for Medicaid based her immigration status not because her state expanded Medicaid. 

    • Scenario 2: Ricky, Eva, Karina (watch here)

Ricky –  student visa

Eva – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Karina – citizen

    • Scenario 3: Mei, Lin, Michael (watch here)

Mei – LPR for over 5 years

Lin – LPR for under 5 years (over age 65)

Michael – citizen

    • Scenario 4: Nina, Amelia, Tanya (watch here)

Nina – undocumented parent

Tanya – citizen

Amelia – living outside of the United States but claimed as a tax dependent

    • Scenario 5: Nadif, Fatima, Amina (watch here)

Nadif and Fatima – entered as refugees, recently became LPR

Amina – citizen

PART III: Application Process (Watch here)

    • Important protections for families that include immigrants (watch here)
    • ID verification process (watch here)
    • Attesting to and verifying immigration status of lawfully present applicants (watch here)
    • Attesting to and verifying citizenship (watch here)
    • Watch Q&A

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