OE8 Webinar: Part VII Auto-Renewal Process

Auto-Renewal Process on

In this Health Reform: Beyond the Basics webinar presented on October 8, 2020, Tara Straw, Senior Policy Analyst, provides an overview of the auto-renewal process for 2021 coverage, including the process for plan enrollment and redetermination of premium tax credit eligibility.

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Encourage Active Re-enrollment

  • Why Should Consumers Choose Active Re-enrollment?

Redetermination of APTC

  • Redetermination Process for
  • Notices About Redetermination Process
  • Eligibility for Redetermination of APTC
  • Failure to Reconcile
  • Example

Auto-Enrollment for 2021 Plans

  • Notices About Renewal Process
  • Auto-Enrollment Process
  • SEP When Auto-Enrolled in New Plan
  • Examples
  • Canceling 2021 Coverage
  • Tips for Assisters

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