OE8 Webinar: Part VIII Public Charge

Special Topics on Assisting Immigrants and Their Families

In this Health Reform: Beyond the Basics webinar presented on October 15, 2020, in partnership with the National Immigration Law Center, Shelby Gonzales, Director of Immigration Policy, and Gabrielle Lessard, Senior Policy Attorney at the National Immigration Law Center, provide an overview about concerns immigrants and their families may have about enrolling in health coverage programs. They review public charge assessments and other relevant policies.

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Climate of Fear and Confusion Threaten to Thwart Health Coverage Access

  • Climate of Fear
  • Role of Enrollment Assistance Providers

Public Charge

  • Summary of Public Charge
  • Which Benefits are and are not Considered
  • How the Public Charge Assessment Works
  • Who is Subject to Public Charge Assessments
  • Examples

How Public Benefit Use is Factored Into Public Charge Assessments

  • Questions that May Help Weigh Out Risks
  • Examples

Understanding and Addressing Concerns Immigrants May Have When Applying for Health Programs

  • Addressing Concerns Related to Privacy
  • Non-Applicants’ Protections Related to Immigration Status
  • Requests for Social Security Numbers
  • Tips for Talking About Immigration Status

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