OE9 Webinar: Part VI Plan Selection Strategies

Health Insurance Plan Selection Strategies

In this Beyond the Basics webinar presented by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, in partnership with Foundation Communities, on October 5, 2021, Arianna Anaya covers strategies to help consumers understand how insurance works, evaluate and compare marketplace plans, and select the plan that best meets their families’ needs.

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Part I: Using the Enrollment Process to Explain Exchange Plans

  • The Marketplace Enrollment Checklist
  • Estimating Total Annual Cost
  • Choosing the Amount of PTC to Use
  • Checking Network & Rx Coverage
  • Choosing a Health Plan

Part II: Plan Comparison Strategy

  • Talking About Cost & Network
  • Essential Health Benefits
  • Comparing Plans Based on Cost
  • Comparing Plans Based on Network
  • Narrowing Plan Selection
  • Cost-Sharing & Metal Tiers

Part III: Plan Selection Tips & Tools for Assisters

  • Building a Network Overview Cheat Sheet

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